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Thank You!
January 27, 2021, 8:51 AM
Dear Friends,
     Let me express my appreciation to several of our folks who have helped us make it through to this point in the pandemic. Our Elders have stepped up BIG time to handle communication back and forth with their flocks. They have helped us stay connected through all if this. Four of our Elders have been leading the Sanctuary worship service, performing both their Elder duties and Worship Leader responsibilities. Thank you to Anne Rowe, Suszette White, Peggy Hillery, and Lori Sutherland for leading us! Thanks also to Robert Richards and Jeff Hillery for consistently working the A/V booth for the Sanctuary Service so we can worship safely without bulletins, Hymnals, or Bibles. Additionally, each of these six have shared the sanitizing duties for all touchable surfaces in the building after worship is over and people have left the building. The other Elders participating with the Zoom service, besides their regular presence during communion, are leading the prayer request for that service. Thank you, David Spencer, Rosalind Black, Johnny Almanza, Judy Purcell and Glenn Martin for your dedicated work!
     I also want to thank Wanda Call and Jaime Perez for musically leading both services. They have led the sanctuary service in person and recorded their music for the zoom service earlier in the week. Jaime has also led our folks in becoming a virtual choir. Thank you for your dedicated work!
     Thanks also to Deb and Bill Faulkner who have gotten the sanctuary ready and able to live-stream our services, as well as responding to every technical glitch that our A/V equipment has had. Special thanks to Bill, who every Sunday, not just our pandemic Sundays, but every Sunday has programmed our worship services so Robert and Jeff can guide our worship’s audiovisual from the booth. Both of them, plus Gerald Hill, have worked with A/V Pro in replacing equipment and monitors so we can be back to a fully functioning sanctuary again. Bill and Deb also receive and share the texted prayer concerns lifted up each week for the Zoom services. Thank you for your dedicated work!
     Both Lynn and Jim Lackey have dedicated many hours of time to gather and tabulate our offerings and Zoom attendance, collect donations for all our various Outreach ministries and then deliver them to the appropriate places, work with and distribute Bob’s Bags, prepared the scenery for our drive through Nativity and set up and took down the wooden outside nativity scene in the grass along Main Street. Thank you for your dedicated work!
     Gayle Staggs and Tony Davis have also given a lot of time through all of this, keeping our financial records and bookkeeping up to date, bills paid, and Board Financial reports current each month for our Board meetings. Thank you for your dedicated work!
Bob and Bonnie Cawthon for the amazing ministry being done through Bob’s Bags for the homeless and Bonnie’s weekly visits and care to many of our shut-ins or travel-impaired folks. Thank you for your dedicated work!
     For Carolyn Shaffer, who diligently keeps track and prepares prayer blankets for church members and their families when they undergo surgery, face serious illness or health crisis. When we were together before the pandemic, we all have experienced Carolyn bringing a blanket or two around so that individually we could offer a prayer for the blanket recipient and tie a knot. During the pandemic, Carolyn is calling many of us to say a prayer while she ties a knot for us and then takes or has it delivered to the person needing it. Thank you for your dedicated work!
     As you can see, we have many folks sharing their gifts as a way of blessing our congregation. I hope, as we are in this new year, we will find ways and occasions to express our gratitude to these and many others who contribute to our congregational health and well-being! THANK YOU!!!!!
In Christ’s service together wherever He leads,